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Since 2010 we started the business by doing the infra-structural developments for the layouts and from the year 2018 in the name of Y.G.Properties and Developers selling plots through our marketing partners Madras City Properties, Indian Housing and properties and VIP city. Each and every projets as unique and excellent facilites with safety and secure features .

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We are entering into a direct Customer sales for more customer's Benefits and mainly for Customer's satisfaction with the new name of "YOGAM PROPERTIES". You can buy Plots and build your dream home at an unbelivable price with "YOGAM PROPERTIES" and also having many on-going projects starts from 600 sq.feet to larger extent in the areas like Gerugambakkam,Thiruverkadu, Anakaputhur , Maraimalainagar, Moondram kattalai, Poonamalle, etc. with proper land approvals and upcoming projects on GST Road

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Is it correct to say yogam properties?

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